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From brain waves to memory boost: Memory enhancement by personalized frequency-modulated noninvasive brain stimulation (MEMORYST) is a two-year scientific project funded by Science Fund of the Republic of Serbia within the PROMIS grant scheme for young researchers. Read more...


Jovana BjekićJovana Bjekić
Marko ŽivanovićMarko Živanović
Katarina VulićKatarina Vulić
Dunja PaunovićDunja Paunović
Uroš KonstantinovićUroš Konstantinović
Marija StankovićMarija Stanković
Saša FilipovićSaša Filipović

MEMORYST istraživački tim

The MEMORYST project

The project aims to improve effects of transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) of parieto-hippocampal cortical network on memory functions, by optimizing and personalizing stimulation protocol. We will seek to determine the stimulation electrode montage that will maximize tDCS effects on memory functions, more specifically associative/relational memory. Associative memory is an ability to remember not only isolated pieces of information, but multiple information bound together. This type of memory is crucial for everyday functioning and is affected by aging as well as by different neurological conditions. Within the project we are also developing a novel frequency-modulated tDCS protocol and will be assessing its positive effects on physiological, neurocognitive, and behavioral level. Finally, we will try to improve effectiveness of tDCS through personalization of the simulation protocol by adjusting tDCS oscillations to individual theta rhythm. Theta rhythm is observable in electroencephalographic recording when we learn or try to remember something, thus this rhythm is considered as neurophysiological marker of memory.

To achieve this, we are using use oscillatory tDCS, tACS and constant anodal tDCS in a combination with neuroimaging (rs-fMRI), EEG, and behavioral data.